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Chronology regarding warrant notification

Part VI warrant timeline

Day 1: Warrant issued [s. 186]

Max Day 60: Warrant for most offences expires [s. 186(4)(e)]
Note: Can be renewed (max 60 day intervals)
[s. 186(6)]

Max Day 365: Warrant for criminal organization offences or terrorism offenses expires [s. 186.1]
Note: Can be renewed (max one year intervals)
[s. 186.1]

Within 90 Days of Expiry: Written notification to be provided to the person who was the object of the interception pursuant to the warrant [s. 196(1)]
Note: Must certify to the court who issued the notification that the person has been notified
Note: Can apply to court to extend 90 days where there is a relevant investigatory need and it is in the interests of justice up to three years
[ss. 196(3) and (5)]

Other Notice Requirements: Police cannot rely on an intercepted private communication as evidence unless the accused is given reasonable notice to enable them to challenge the introduction of the evidence [s. 189(5)]

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