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Appearance before Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics (ETHI) of October 25, 2023

OPC’s 2022-23 Annual Report to Parliament and the Committee’s Study on the Use of Social Media Platforms for Data Harvesting and Unethical or Illicit Sharing of Personal Information with Foreign Entities

October 25, 2023

Briefing package for the Privacy Commissioner of Canada as witness before the Standing Committee on ETHI on October 25, 2023, on the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s 2022-23 Annual Report to Parliament and the Committee’s study on the use of social media platforms for data harvesting and unethical or illicit sharing of personal information with foreign entities.

Table of contents

  1. Commissioner’s Statement
  2. OPC Annual Report 2022-23
  3. Study Motion
  4. Issue Sheets and Additional questions
  5. OPC Announcement – TikTok Joint Investigation & TBS Statement
  6. Canada Post Report of Finding, News Release, Key messages
  7. OPC Financial Information
  8. ETHI Member Biographies
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