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Do-it-yourself house rules for online privacy

The best tool for online privacy success is a great plan that your family can discuss and use together. By talking about the ways you interact online and the potential impact these activities could have on your privacy, you can build a plan that keeps everyone safe and sound.

Privacy is about preserving your ability to control your own personal information so that it doesn't wind up being used in ways you hadn't expected – possibly with negative consequences.

With this tool, parents can take the time to learn how their children spend time online and then discuss ways to protect privacy while communicating, exploring and learning.

This tool is designed for children and preteens, but could also be used as a starting point for a discussion with older teens about online privacy.

For more information to help your family talk about online privacy visit our Youth Privacy section.

How to use this tool

It looks like you don't have JavaScript enabled. Click the link "List of House rules" below to see the full list of House rules. You can then print and highlight the ones that apply to you.

List of House rules

After choosing your child's online activities below, click on the statements that appear after you click <Let's start!> to choose your "house rules."

Once finished, you'll be able to print a list of dos and don'ts for your child when it comes to online privacy. The list will include room for you to add your own rules if you wish.

You can then create new versions of the house rules for each family member.

Your house rules can be posted next to your computer or on the refrigerator to help everyone work together to protect privacy.

First, start by selecting from the list below all of your child’s online activities.

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