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OPC strategic privacy priorities

In 2024, Privacy Commissioner of Canada Philippe Dufresne announced three strategic priorities in support of his vision for privacy.

These strategic priorities will guide the OPC’s work for the next three years. They crystallized through consultations with various stakeholder groups over the course of the first year of Commissioner Dufresne’s seven-year mandate. They represent areas where the OPC believes it can have the most impact – and where not acting would carry the greatest risks.

The strategic priorities are:

Protecting and promoting privacy with maximum impact

This strategic priority seeks to maximize the OPC’s impact in fully and effectively promoting and protecting the fundamental right to privacy. It involves initiatives to emphasize greater efficiency, adaptability and preparedness in a constantly evolving privacy landscape.

Addressing and advocating for privacy in this time of technological change

This strategic priority involves addressing the privacy impacts of the fast-moving pace of technological advancements, especially in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI. The OPC will encourage innovation while protecting the fundamental right to privacy.

Championing children’s privacy rights

Children deserve to be children, even in the digital realm, free from deceptive practices with the ability to navigate online spaces securely. This strategic priority involves concentrating specific initiatives on the needs of children and young people and deepening our understanding of youth privacy issues.

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