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OPC Strategic privacy priorities

In 2015, Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien established four strategic privacy priorities in support of his vision to give Canadians more control over their personal information:

These priorities, which will guide the Office’s discretionary work through to 2020, reflect the concerns and priorities of Canadians, as well as the views of numerous stakeholders in civil society and consumer advocacy groups, industry and legal service providers, academia, and government.

The Commissioner also identified five strategies that will be used to achieve the identified goals for each priority:

  • Exploring innovative and technological ways of protecting privacy;
  • Strengthening accountability and promoting good privacy governance;
  • Protecting Canadians’ privacy in a borderless world;
  • Enhancing our public education role; and
  • Enhancing privacy protection for vulnerable groups.

The Commissioner introduced the strategic privacy priorities during his keynote speech at the 2015 International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Canada Privacy Symposium.

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The strategic privacy priorities

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Report on the selection of the strategic privacy priorities

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Previous OPC privacy priorities

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