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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is committed to helping to improve digital literacy, particularly among vulnerable populations, such as young people. Our goal is to raise awareness of privacy issues and rights among children and young people; and provide guidance and information to help them reduce privacy risks.

Experts have suggested the best approach to educating young people about privacy is to provide kids with the skills to critically evaluate situations on their own, as opposed to imposing a set of rules to follow or technological solutions designed to block access. The heads of all federal, provincial and territorial privacy protection authorities, including the OPC, are calling for privacy education to become a greater priority by including it as a clear and concrete component in digital literacy curricula across the country.

At the 2016 International Conference of Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada along with privacy guardians from around the globe adopted a resolution for the adoption of an international competency framework on privacy education. The Framework outlines the essential skills and knowledge children need to navigate the digital environment with confidence. For example, acquiring knowledge of digital rights and responsibilities and developing critical thinking skills about uses of personal data. While deliberately designed to have an international dimension, the framework can be adapted to address specific education purposes, laws and data protection approaches relevant to each country.

In this section, you will find information, tools and other resources—including our popular graphic novel Social Smarts: Privacy, the Internet and You that we have developed to help educators, parents, librarians, and other adults engage with kids about privacy.

Social Smarts: privacy, the Internet and you

Discover a graphic novel and supplementary resources for teaching kids about the privacy risks related to social networking, mobile devices and texting, and online gaming.

Privacy presentation packages

Find slides and speaking notes for presenting to youth on protecting their personal information and online reputation.

Once you put your personal information out there, you can’t take it back [video]

Watch a fun, short video that illustrates the difficulty of taking personal information back once it’s on the Internet.

Privacy activity sheets for kids

Find activity sheets parents and educators can use as a fun way to engage with kids on privacy.

Topics to talk about

Find privacy topics and information for discussions about protecting personal information online, and more.

What can YOU do to protect your online rep? [video]

Watch a video with tips and advice on what to consider when you posting information online.

External educational resources and information

Provincial, not-for-profits and other organizations’ information, tools and resources to help engage with kids on the topic of privacy.

Educational poster

Find a colourful, downloadable poster aimed at youth in grades 4-6 with simple tips for protecting personal information online.

Lesson plans for the classroom

Find lesson plans teachers can use to help kids and teens learn about protecting their personal information

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