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Tips for parents

Gaming and personal information: playing with privacy

Information for teachers and teens on protecting personal information while gaming and what companies might collect and share

Online privacy tips for parents

12 tips, technology, services, passwords, protection

Sexting fact sheet for teens

Information for teens regarding the privacy risks associated with sexting

Activity sheets for kids

Colouring, maze, puzzles, games

Topics to talk about

11 conversation topics to help better understand the privacy implications of technology, including online reputation, protection techniques, and sexting

Privacy quiz

Questions to test online privacy knowledge

Building a secure online identity

Privacy settings, what not to post, tips

Are your online friends who they say they are?

Friend requests, fake profiles

Do-it-yourself house rules for online privacy

Interactive tool, dos and don’ts for online privacy, family activity

What kind of information is being collected about me online?

Cookies, spam, phishing, viruses, protection tips

My privacy every day

Example of daily data trail

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