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Discussion Topic #5: Sexting: not worth it

Sexting means sending sexually explicit messages or sexual images, primarily between mobile phones.

According to Common Sense Media, young people may send these kinds of messages for a variety of reasons, like responding to peer pressure, showing off, or just showing someone that they like them.
Recent media reports suggest it may not be as big a problem as experts once thought. But for a school of 1000 kids, that’s still about one hundred kids potentially putting themselves at risk.
Remember that photos and messages can be widely shared and remain online forever. And think about the emotional or reputational damage that can come from having intimate photos of yourself go to a friend who can become an ex-friend and forward them to everyone you know or even people you don’t know.

Our advice on this is easy – don’t send sexual messages or images across the Internet. The risks and consequences are just too great. And it’s just not worth it!

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