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How organizations can help protect young people online

This page is for young people and those who care for them. It shares steps that organizations should take to protect young people’s privacy. It spells out plainly what it means for young people.


The online world brings a lot of good things, but also risks. Young people are more prone to those risks than adults. They can be hurt in different ways. The information about them or that they post could hurt them in the future, for example.

Young people have privacy rights. They can make choices about their privacy. Sometimes their parents or people who care for them can help them.

It is important that organizations like businesses, schools or doctor’s offices act to protect young people.

They should:

  1. Put privacy into their work from the start. Organizations should think about how their work might harm young people’s privacy. They should keep in mind that some people can be hurt differently than others. If their work could have an impact, they should make changes.
  2. Explain privacy information clearly to young people. Organizations should write terms and conditions in plain language. They should also look for fun ways to explain things!
  3. Make privacy settings strong. Organizations should not require young people to take steps to make their accounts safer. They also should not use information about young people in ways that they have not agreed to.
  4. Not trick young people into bad decisions. Organizations should not design things (such as websites or apps) in a way that would confuse young people. They should not trick them into saying “yes”.
  5. Share young people’s information only in some cases. Organizations should have permission or a legal reason to do it.
  6. Let young people control information about them. Organizations should let young people fix or delete information about them. They should also get rid of it when not needed anymore.
  7. Let young people see the information about them. Organizations should make it easy for young people to contact them. They should also answer their questions quickly.

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