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Joint resolutions with provinces and territories

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada is responsible for overseeing compliance with federal privacy laws. There are also privacy commissioners and ombudsmen across Canada that also have responsibilities for overseeing privacy laws in the provinces and territories.

As we are all united in the effort to protect and promote privacy rights, we will occasionally issue joint resolutions to express consensus on matters of public policy, outline shared concerns or support on certain issues.

This page lists the joint resolutions the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) has issued with Canada’s information and privacy commissioners and ombudspersons.

Joint Resolution
Joint Resolution

Effective privacy and access to information legislation in a data driven society

Privacy and access to information are quasi-constitutional rights that are fundamental to individual self-determination, democracy and good government. New technologies have numerous potential benefits for society but they have impacted fundamental democratic principles and human rights, including privacy, access to information, freedom of expression and electoral processes.

Joint Resolution

Securing Trust and Privacy in Canada’s Electoral Process

Recent high-profile investigations in the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand and elsewhere reveal that political parties are gathering significant amounts of personal information on voters as they adopt micro-targeting techniques.

Joint Resolution

Safeguarding independent review of solicitor-client privilege claims

Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial Information and Privacy Commissioners (IPCs) perform a vital oversight function by ensuring that public bodies comply with their obligations under access to information and privacy legislation. IPCs perform an important first level of independent review about the manner in which public bodies process requests for access to information.

Joint resolution

Protecting and Promoting Canadians’ Privacy and Access Rights in Information Sharing Initiatives

Joint resolution on protecting and promoting Canadians’ privacy and access rights in information sharing Initiatives.

Joint resolution

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