Company takes steps to become compliant with the Act

Settled case summary #8


An individual complained to us that a lending institution had disclosed information about her delinquent account to her uncle, without her consent.


Our investigation established that the complaint had merit, and the organization agreed to send a letter of apology to the complainant, and adjusted her outstanding loan.

During the investigation, however, we noted that the organization had not implemented any privacy policies or practices. We discussed the organization's obligations under the Act, and as a result, it agreed to undertake a number of actions to ensure that the company was compliant. The company struck a privacy committee, instituted privacy training for employees, and reminded staff to limit the amount of information they disclose when recovering a debt.

The complainant and this Office were satisfied with the actions taken by the organization and the case was considered settled.

The complaint was settled during the course of the investigation in June 2004.

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