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Condominium corporation learns that personal information consists of more than just contact information

Settled case summary #20


An individual was involved in a dispute with a condominium corporation, in which the corporation alleged in a letter that she had contravened a corporation by-law.  She was concerned that the corporation had sent a copy of its letter to her about the matter to all of the condominium owners in the complex.  It also posted the letter on a bulletin board and included it in the Minutes of a Board meeting. 


The investigation confirmed that the condominium corporation had indeed made its letter available to the condominium owners.  However, the corporation was under the impression that the personal information contained therein consisted solely of her name, address and telephone number.  As this information was on the condominium owners’ telephone list and also included in the city’s telephone directory, it was publicly available and thus not subject to the Act.  The Office advised the corporation that this was not the personal information at issue; rather, it was the fact that the complainant was involved in a dispute with the corporation.  The corporation had disclosed this several times to all the condominium owners without the complainant’s consent.

The condominium corporation sent the complainant a letter of apology, and the Office and the complainant considered the matter to be settled.

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