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Department store’s credit card application form appropriate

Settled case summary #26


An individual was concerned when she received promotional material in the mail and telemarketing calls after applying for a department store credit card.   She did not believe that she had consented to her address and telephone number being used for these purposes.  The store informed her that her signature on the application meant that she had agreed to its terms and conditions, which included marketing.


The store advised the Office that its credit application form explains to customers how their personal information will be used and how customers can remove their consent for marketing and promotion.  The application form completed and signed by the complainant provided the opt-out information below her signature.  In order to opt out, she would have had to notify the company either by mail or a toll-free telephone number.  The Office explained to her that this type of opt-out mechanism was allowed under the Act. 

The complainant was satisfied with the explanation the Office provided.  She requested that the store remove her personal information from its marketing and promotional contact lists, which it did.  The complaint was considered settled during the course of the investigation.

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