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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) generates privacy research in a few ways. It conducts in-house research, commissions expert research and provides funding for independent research projects. In addition, the OPC regularly conducts public opinion research with Canadians, Canadian businesses and other audiences to stay abreast of privacy awareness, understanding, attitudes and perceptions.

By funding privacy research that draws from, and includes, Canadian perspectives, we help generate information, insights, analysis, and in some instances, debate—all of which contribute to the protection and promotion of privacy.

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Public opinion research paper

The Personal Information Canadians Give to Retailers

The Personal Information Canadians Give to Retailers

Research paper

Meeting of Two Worlds: the Legal and Information Technology (IT) Universes

Research paper about the potential scope of a virtual profile, privacy concerns raised by such profiles and suggestions to control online identity.

Research paper

Identity, Privacy and the Need of Others to Know Who You Are: A Discussion Paper on Identity Issues

Research paper on what ‘identity’ is and how relevant it is to privacy.

Public opinion research paper

Canadians and the Privacy Landscape

2007 Canadians and the Privacy Landscape

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