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Contributions Program 2009-2010

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Project Descriptions

The following is a brief description of funded projects:

1. Organization: Canadian Association of the Deaf
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $49,855.00
Project title: Deaf Perspective on Identity Theft and Privacy
Project description: This proposal seeks funding for an ambitious public education campaign to inform and educate Canadians with hearing impairments (deaf and partially deaf) about identity theft, privacy rights and Internet frauds and scams. People with hearing deficiencies are often easy preys for online predators and scammers, and they need to be informed about risks and mitigation strategies to protect their personal information. The project will consist of a multi-stakeholder conference which will be held in the fall of 2009 and a series of local presentations which will be deployed in 12 cities, coast-to-coast from November 2009 to February 2010. The project will levy about 35% of the total cost of the initiatives from other sources. The project will also result in the creation and maintenance of partnerships and alliances of governmental and non-governmental entities working together to protect the privacy and personal information of people with hearing problems.

2. Organization: International Association of Privacy Professionals Canada (IAPP Canada)
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $48,440.00
Project title: The IAPP Canada KnowledgeNet Expansion and Promotion Initiative
Project description: The IAPP Canada Knowledge Net Expansion and Promotion Initiative will bring 10 to 15 free privacy education workshops to at least five Canadian cities in order to serve the needs of local privacy and information security professionals — government, academia, non-profit organisations, small businesses, and beyond. By delivering education on timely topics in an accessible format to the greatest number of Canadians, this program will strengthen the knowledge base of those working on privacy issues, thereby helping solidify Canada’s leadership in the global privacy arena.

3. Organization: Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto (CHOQ-FM)
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $48,750.00
Project title: French Awareness Campaign on the Protection of Personal Information and Privacy
Project description: This project aims at setting out and broadcasting an awareness campaign to educate and inform Francophone consumers in Ontario about the Canadian privacy protection framework. This project is part of a preventive, informative and interactive popular education initiative. It will inform consumers of privacy rights, obligations and challenges as well as the importance of protecting personal information. The content of this campaign will be developed in partnership with Option consommateurs, whose expertise in the field is well recognized. The audio and written material that will be produced as part of this project will also be distributed to all Francophone community radios in minority environments across Canada and to several consumer organizations.

4. Organization: Option consommateurs
Location: Quebec
Funding amount: $25,000.00
Project title: Awareness Workshop on Identity Theft and Seniors: “Prevention is Better Than Cure”
Project description: Option consommateurs will host awareness seminars on identity theft and the protection of personal information aimed at seniors, a particularly vulnerable group when it comes to the usurpation of personal information for unlawful purposes such as identity theft, fraud, etc. These workshops will give seniors information and tools to better protect their identity during online transactions. Seniors from the Greater Montreal area will benefit from a series of 20 workshops as well as from an information kit that will be developed and distributed.

5. Organization: Association for information access and protection (AAPI)
Location: Quebec
Funding amount: $15,000.00
Project title: Creation of an Internet Portal
Project description: In 2008-09, the AAPI received funding through the OPC Contributions Program to design and develop a personal information kit for the general public. The current project aims at posting this “toolbox” on the web through the creation of an Internet portal that will serve this purpose. The portal will include all materials developed during phase 1 of the project, namely fact sheets, brochures, games, quizzes, videos and links to many other websites.

6. Organization: University of Guelph
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $49,991.42
Project title: Privacy and Disclosure on Facebook: Youth & Adults’ Information Disclosure and Perceptions of Privacy Risks
Project description: The research aims to advance the understanding of information sharing on Facebook by high school students and working adults through a literature review and survey of 600 Canadians. Research will focus on factors that motivate disclosure of information and use of privacy settings as well as examine Facebook users’ perception of privacy risks and knowledge of privacy settings. The final report will include recommendations aimed at helping OPC develop strategies for making the public aware of privacy risks of social networking sites and making more informed decisions about information sharing.

7. Organization: University of Alberta
Location: Alberta
Funding amount: $49,450.00
Project title: Analysis of Privacy Policies and Practices of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
Project description: The project will examine the privacy polices and practices of a comprehensive sample of direct to consumer genetic testing companies to assess their compliance with the fair information principles as set out in Schedule 1 of PIPEDA. In addition, the study will consider whether clear privacy protection norms are emerging to govern how these companies handle genetic samples and personal information.

8. Organization: University of Victoria
Location: British Columbia
Funding amount: $28,211.00
Project title: Deep-Packet Inspection: Resources for the Analysis of Privacy Implications in Canada
Project description: The project will draw on international and national data on deep packet inspection (DPI) in order to answer questions related to privacy and surveillance. There is little research on the subject on Canadian Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The project’s objectives are to: i) develop a repository of information concerning the use of DPI in Canada; ii) explain in non-technical language whether and how ISPs use DPI technology; iii) analyze the uses of DPI in Canada and abroad; iv) facilitate discourse on DPI; and v) provide research and analysis to aid other government agencies, including privacy commissioners.

9. Organization: Memorial University
Location: Newfoundland and Labrador
Funding amount: $50,000.00
Project title: Privacy Protection and Biobanks: A Conjoint Analysis of Priorities and Preferences of Stakeholder Groups
Project description: This project will study the attitudes of residents of Newfoundland and Labrador with respect to the relative importance individuals place on the privacy of their personal health information (PHI) compared to other public goods. In particular, the project will examine whether individuals would be willing to provide easier access to some of he PHI contained within biobanks in order to facilitate various kinds of health research. The research will be conducted on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador. Approximately half the population of the province lives on the Avalon, and the urban-rural split of this area reflects that of the province as a whole. A total of 300 people taken as a random sample of the local community will be involved in the study. It is anticipated that this project will provide a better understanding of the relative importance individuals place on the privacy of their PHI when compared to other personal and public goods.

10. Organization: Union des consommateurs
Location: Quebec
Funding amount: $40,000.00
Project title: Electronic Health Record: Controlling Personal Health Data in the Context of Medical Record Information
Project description: The Electronic Health Record (EHR), initiated by the Canada Health Infoway, is part of an international move toward computerization of health records. However, as for all new technologies such as this one, EHRs raise a number of concerns in the context of a growing dematerialization of information, and in a world where the use of personal health information is increasingly widespread and privacy protection, increasingly complex. This project aims at presenting a clear picture of the goals and objectives of EHRs in Canada, to draw up a list of issues raised by the introduction of EHRs in several provinces, and comparing measures implemented in the provinces regarding these issues. Another objective of this project is to assess the legal framework currently in place to determine whether it adequately controls the flow of sensitive data such as Canadians’ health information.

11. Organization: Queen’s University
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $50,000.00
Project title: Camera Surveillance in Canada: A Research Workshop
Project description: This project will build on the research and efforts to date by the Surveillance Camera Awareness Network (SCAN), a group of Canadian Researchers, and deliver a research workshop on Surveillance Cameras in Canada in the fall, 2009. The purpose of the workshop is to have an open and public discussion of issues related to privacy and camera surveillance. Contributions to the workshop will be commissioned and the workshop will be open to other researchers and stakeholders beyond SCAN. Papers will be commissioned for the workshop and a final report on the workshop findings will be published as a result of this workshop.

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