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About the Contributions Program

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s (OPC) Contributions Program funds independent privacy research and related knowledge translation initiatives. Applicants are encouraged to propose projects that generate new ideas, approaches, and knowledge about privacy. These projects can help organizations better safeguard personal information and Canadians make more informed decisions about protecting their privacy.

The Contributions Program, a widely-respected and pioneering research funding initiative, was created in 2004 to:

  • support independent, non-profit research on privacy;
  • further privacy policy development;
  • promote the protection of personal information in Canada.

The OPC issues an annual call for proposals, usually in the fall. For more information, see: How to apply for Contributions funding and our list of Contributions Program announcements. You can also view a list of projects currently underway, as well as summaries of completed projects.

Pathways to Privacy

In some years, the OPC issues a special call under the Contributions Program titled the Pathways to Privacy (P2P) initiative. P2P was established to increase awareness of OPC funded privacy research and knowledge translation projects in Canada.

Descriptions and links to materials produced for Pathways to Privacy events and projects are available on this web site.

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