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Interactive Radio Series on Privacy


Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto (CRT) - CHOQ-FM



Project Leader(s)

Tonia Mori, Project Coordinator


This project consists of developing and broadcasting a series of weekly radio programs on new issues relating to privacy. This 12-episode series was created to provide clear and simple answers to the questions and concerns raised by different target audiences, explaining the results of the research available on each topic discussed. Each 57-minute episode targets a different audience, such as parents, teens, teachers, professionals/freelancers, plugged-in young adults, seniors and consumers.

A total of eight francophone radio stations in Canada aired the 12 episode series, including CHOQ-FM Toronto, CIBL-FM Montreal, CKRL-FM Québec, CKRP-FM Falher, CFRT-FM Iqaluit, CKRH-FM Halifax, CJPN-FM Fredericton and CKMA-FM Miramichi. Nearly 40 experts and researchers, 50 organizations and 25 members of the public participated in the episodes.

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OPC Funded Project

This project received funding support through the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Contributions Program. The opinions expressed in the summary and report(s) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Summaries have been provided by the project authors. Please note that the projects appear in their language of origin.

Contact Information

304-330 Lansdowne Av.
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 3Y1

Main Telephone: 416-599-7639
Fax: 416-599-7639

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