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Design jam: “In the age of connected devices, what is meaningful consent?”


British Columbia Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (BC FIPA)



Project Leader(s)

Joyce Yan and Bryan Short


BC FIPA, in partnership with the Vancouver Design Nerds, held a two-day design jam in Ottawa on March 5th and 6th, 2020. The purpose of this event was to explore issues around meaningful consent in the context of everyday life ranging from personal wearable technologies to smart homes and smart cities and their relationship to big data. With these different scales in mind, the jam sought to create new models of generating meaningful consent to mitigate the negative impact these technologies have on privacy. The two-day event brought together a diverse group of experts from academia and industry to advocates and activists working in this space to find creative solutions through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

The final “prototypes” that emerged after the second day varied in terms of how they approached meaningful consent, but an underlying theme that intersected the event was a focus on empowering individuals to take control over their personal information through various methods. This project has become a “jumping-off point” for the organizers that will launch future research and events to further address these issues.

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OPC Funded Project

This project received funding support through the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Contributions Program. The opinions expressed in the summary and report(s) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Summaries have been provided by the project authors. Please note that the projects appear in their language of origin.

Contact Information

Joyce Yan
Program Director
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
103-1093 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 1E2


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