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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports


Elizabeth Denham
Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Travel Expenses - 2008

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-25 to 02-07 Attended the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting in Victoria and worked remotely from Calgary office $1,442.13
02-27 to 03-07 Speech delivered at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, attended related meetings in Halifax, Nova Scotia and worked remotely from Calgary office $1,301.59
04-18 to 05-01 1) Working remotely from Calgary office; 2) Speech delivered at a privacy seminar hosted by Gowlings and the Information Technology Association of Canada in Toronto, Ontario; 3) Speech delivered at an annual conference for the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association in Quebec, Quebec. $3,870.52
05-16 to 02-23 Attended the IAPP Canadian Privacy Summit in Toronto, Ontario and worked remotely from Calgary office $3,377.15
06-02 to 06-06 Attended the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan $2,893.73
06-18 to 07-02 Delivered speech and attended the Access & Privacy Conference in Edmonton, Alberta and worked remotely from Calgary office $3,249.62
07-24 to 07-31 Meeting with Telus, Consumer Council of Canada and Victoria OIPC in Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. and worked remotely from Calgary office $2,041.59
08-17 to 08-20 Attended the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Executive Forum – Navigate 2008 in Boston, U.S.A. $2,102.12
08-22 to 09-06 Worked remotely from Calgary office $1,134.02
09-17 to 09-18 Delivered a speech at the Retail Loss Prevention Conference in Toronto, Ontario $777.03
09-24 to 09-25 Attended a Trilateral Committee meeting on Transborder Data Flows in Washington, D.C. $1,468.52
09-30 to 10-01 Delivered a speech at the Sixth Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust in Fredericton, New Brunswick $1,149.07
10-10 to 11-01 Delivered a speech at the IAPP Data Protection and Privacy Workshop and attended the 30th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Strasbourg, France $4,545.01
11-02 to 11-04 Attended the OPC business strategic planning session in Montebello, Quebec $515.70
11-09 to 11-10 Delivered a keynote speech at the Annual Conference for the National Association for Info Destruction Canada (NAID Canada) in Toronto, Ontario $621.86
11-14 to 11-25 Delivered a speech and attended the PIPA Conference in Calgary, Alberta, worked remotely from Calgary office and attended Saskatchewan Outreach Patnership meetings in Regina and Saskatoon $2,694.99
12-12 Meeting with the Ontario Privacy Commissioner and the Canadian Banker's Association in Toronto, Ontario $493.81
12-19 to 2009-01-04 Worked remotely from Calgary office $263.31
Footnote * Total: $33,941.77

Hospitality Expenses - 2008

Date Event Description Cost
02-04 Hosted lunch $124.99
03-05 Working lunch to discuss event issues $80.03
03-06 Hosted lunch to reach the regional business community dealing with privacy $492.12
03-06 Hosted dinner with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Review Office of the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia $376.25
05-02 Luncheon interview with prospective employee $56.35
06-03 Luncheon at the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Meeting of Privacy Commissioners $231.84
08-13 Refreshments at a welcome reception for the new Director General, Investigation and Inquiries Branch $196.67
Footnote ** Total: $1,558.25

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