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Gaming and your privacy infographic

This infographic offers tips to individuals on gaming and privacy. This infographic complements our Gaming and personal information: playing with privacy guidance.

Infographic on Gaming & your privacy. Description follows.

Gaming and your privacy

What gamers should know

If you’re one of the millions of Canadians who enjoy playing video games, take a moment to understand the potential privacy risks and what you can do to help safeguard your profiles.

Know the risks, so that you can upgrade your armour.

Risks include:

  • Your personal information may be shared broadly with third parties
  • Gaming and social sites may exchange your personal information
  • Someone may attempt online impersonation

 Use this real-time strategy to defend your position:

  • Always read privacy policies and terms of service agreements
  • Create strong passwords
  • Allow multi-factor authentication where possible
  • Choose restrictive privacy settings
  • Don’t share sensitive information like your school, workplace or home address
  • Be careful when clicking on links within in-game chats – they could be phishing attempts
  • Always download games from a trusted source, such as the official application store of your preferred mobile device

More tips to level up your protection:

  • Create an email address just for gaming
  • Use a nickname

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