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Privacy topics

In today’s society, personal information is collected and used extensively, by individuals and organizations, for a variety of reasons. Advances in technology have a particularly significant impact on the ease with which personal information can be collected, used, shared and combined, introducing new challenges for the protection of personal information.

Explore the topics on this page to learn about privacy issues and find a wide variety of useful information for individuals, businesses and federal institutions.

Privacy laws

Businesses (PIPEDA), government (Privacy Act), provinces, sectors

Airports and borders

Screening, customs, outsourcing, transferring data

SINs and driver’s licences

Protecting, appropriate uses

Information and advice for individuals

Your rights, protection tips, children, online, devices, raising concerns and complaints

Business privacy

Collecting information, consent, children, advertising, spam, safeguards, breaches, complaints, outsourcing

Accessing personal information

Requests to businesses and federal government, obligations for organizations

Landlords and tenants

Tenant rights, information collection, landlord obligations


Video surveillance by businesses and governments, police, financial tracking, public safety


Businesses, federal institutions, processes and reports of findings

Federal government privacy

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), public interest disclosures, breach reporting, outsourcing

Employers and employees

Employers, human resources (HR), work devices, online services

Health, genetic and other body information

Genetic testing, biometrics, health privacy, health emergencies


Identification and authentication, identity theft


Internet, metadata, Internet of Things, online tracking and cookies, mobile and digital devices, faxes

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