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Wearable devices and your privacy infographic

This infographic offers tips to individuals on wearable devices and privacy. This infographic complements our Wearable devices and your privacy tip sheet.

Infographic of Wearable devices and your privacy. Description follows.

Wearable devices and your privacy

Wearable devices such as fitness trackers can raise privacy issues because they collect data about you and your condition, activities and day-to-day choices. A few simple steps can help protect privacy while using wearable technologies.

  • Read the privacy information before you buy.
  • Choose strong privacy settings.
  • Use a password.
  • Turn off your devices when you’re not using them.
  • Accept updates to ensure you have the latest security features.
  • Respect the privacy of others. (Seek permission before recording or sharing video.)
  • Wipe personal information from old devices you no longer use.

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