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Video for Canadians: How to stay safe when online gaming

A short video explaining how you can protect your personal information when playing online games.


[The following video is animated and made to look like a video game set in a jungle. The main animated character goes through a series of challenges and gains or loses points. Establishing scene starts in a forest and two visible treasure chests in foreground. The following text appears:]

  • Online gaming is fun, right? But how can you play safely?

[The background is now dark and pixelated. As the image repixelates, the game interface reforms. The following text appears:]

  • Playing with privacy. How to stay safe when online gaming

[New scene in the jungle. Our animated adventurer is ready for his first challenge. A sign reads: Challenge 1. The character is running away from a large boulder rolling in his direction. His back pack bursts open sending personal data flying: identity cards, credit cards, pictures, etc. As the character gathers the contents back into his bag, the following text appears on screen: ]

  • Protect your personal information Use a pseudonym

[The player’s name appears over the dark pixelated background: Player 1 Zarzan. The background switches to the jungle, with our animated adventurer and a sign that reads: Challenge 2. The following text appears on screen: ]

  • Set privacy controls

[The animated adventurer walks towards three large boulders blocking his way. Words are chiselled into each boulder: Personal details, Sharing location, Camera. The character pulls out a hammer and hammers the boulders down to rubble. From the rubble a diamond emerges with the word Privacy written on it. The diamond flashes and transitions to the next challenge. Sign reads Challenge 3, and the following text appears on screen: ]

  • Get connected your way

[The character arrives at a large pond in the jungle. Two large leaves are hanging down and on each is written: Adjust settings and Set limits. An alligator swims to the surface. The adventurer swings across the pond and above the alligator successfully, as the following text appears over giant leaves:]

  • Understand the risk of: linking data, syncing social sites

[The adventurer stands proud as the sign for Challenge 4 appears on screen, as well as the following text:]

  • Get to know the privacy policy

[The following text appears across giant leaves in the jungle:]

  • What personal information is…

[The adventurer uses binoculars and through them we can read the following words: collected, stored, disclosed, used. We come back to the adventurer in the jungle, standing next to the sign that says Challenge 5 and the following text appearing on screen:]

  • Research before giving consent

[The adventurer walks towards a warrior statue and grabs the warrior’s shield. He turns the shield around and phrases appear on its surface, disappear then change to new words with each turn of the shield. The following text appears:]

  • Who has access? How is information shared? Who can view?

[The sign for Challenge 6 appears next to a treasure chest filled with gold coins. The following text appears on screen:]

  • Safeguard you profile

[The adventurer’s username information and password are displayed on the open lid of the chest. The chest suddenly closes and several padlocks appear to secure the handle. The following text appears on screen: ]

  • Share minimal personal information
  • Strong passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Use restrictive privacy settings

[Sign for Challenge 7 appears. Our adventurer holds the warrior shield and walks away from the chest into the jungle. In the distance is a bubbling volcano that suddenly erupts with lava rocks. The adventurer shields himself along with a few friendly monkeys behind him. The following text appears on screen: ]

  • Protect your friends and contacts

[The bubbling volcano in the background, our adventurer is still holding the shield. The sign for Challenge 8 appears with the following text on screen:]

  • Check the terms of service

[The adventurer throws the shield up in the sky, and as it spins, different words appear: Accountability, Safeguards, Disclosure, Consent, Privacy contact. The shield becomes a colourful crest with the player’s face at its centre. The sign for Challenge 9 appears and several other faces pop up around the player, some angry, some smiling. A cursor scrolls over the angry faces and giant red X appears on top of each face. The following text appears on screen: ]

  • Choose who plays the game with you

[The adventurer stands in front of a gate with the sign for Challenge 10. He walks through thick hedges to get to the gate and words appear as he walks: ]

  • Delete your data
    Deactivate your account

[The sun sets on the jungle and the words Game Over appears followed by the closing text:]

  • Learn more about how you can protect your personal information when playing online games

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