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Trucking Business Formulates and Implements Privacy Policy

Settled case summary #11


The individual alleged his former employer, an interprovincial trucking company, disclosed his personal information to a creditor without his consent.


The trucking company, a small, family-owned business, did not have formalized reporting or record-keeping processes in place upon first contact with this Office. Regardless, the investigation established that there was no evidence to support the allegation against the trucking company and, in fact, the complainant had provided some of the information to the creditor himself.

The trucking company indicated that it had learned a great deal about PIPEDA as a direct result of the investigation. It implemented a written privacy policy and appointed an Information Officer. In addition, it reviewed its practices with respect to information about its employees. Since the implementation of its privacy policy, the company has taken steps to ensure its employees are fully aware of fair information handling practices.

The complainant and our Office were fully satisfied with the resolution of the complaint and considered the matter settled.

The complaint was settled during the course of the investigation in June 2004.

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