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August 23, 2017

Call for Proposals

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada announces funding of knowledge translation initiatives in Canada under the Pathways to Privacy Program

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) has issued a call for proposals for funding of knowledge translation initiatives under the Office’s Pathways to Privacy Program.

Knowledge translation is the process by which research results are designed, transformed and/or disseminated in order to broaden awareness and enable practical application by relevant users. In this instance, it involves translating knowledge about privacy risks and how to mitigate them in practice.

The OPC’s Contributions Program finds its authority under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which governs the collection, use or disclosure of personal information by organizations in the course of commercial activities. Accordingly, only proposals that address privacy issues in the private sector or at the interface between the private and public sectors are eligible for funding.

For the purposes of this call, the OPC will only accept and review proposals that address one or more of the four priority areas of the Office, namely:

  1. The economics of personal information
  2. Government surveillance
  3. Reputation and privacy, and
  4. The body as information

The Office is inviting academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations, including industry associations and trade associations, to submit proposals. Eligible applicants include consumer, voluntary and advocacy organizations. Funding will be provided to initiatives that translate into action the results of previously-funded research under the OPC’s Contributions Program and other funding programs relevant to advancing privacy protection in Canada.

There is a maximum of $60,000 available for this initiative. Eligible organizations must submit proposals in accordance with the established parameters, as outlined in the Applicant’s Guide, by September 22, 2017.

For enquiries from potential applicants, please contact:

François Cadieux
Manager, Policy and Research – Contributions Program
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Tel.: 819-994-6010

We encourage applicants to submit their proposals electronically at the above noted email address.

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