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February 14, 2018

OPC funds initiatives to raise privacy awareness by highlighting outcomes of privacy research

Under its Contributions Program, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is providing funding to Option consommateurs and the Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto (CHOQ-FM) to support these organizations in the production of various tools aimed at raising awareness about privacy issues by highlighting outcomes of privacy research.

Through its Protecting your reputation online project, Option consommateurs will produce short videos hosted by well-known YouTubers in English and French to raise awareness among and provide guidance to young Canadians about issues related to online privacy. The content will be drawn from recent research funded by the OPC through its Contributions Program. The Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto, for its part, will produce a series of radio segments and podcasts called On vous observe, voyez-y [We are watching you. Be aware.] to explain the results of research funded by the OPC in an accessible manner. The audio clips will be aired on three French-language community radio stations in Ontario and Quebec, as well as through other means.

Funding for these projects is granted under the Contributions Program’s Pathways to Privacy initiative, which was created to help increase awareness of the outcomes of privacy research and promote knowledge translation projects. The projects receiving support will also continue to advance the Office’s privacy priorities, which reflect the concerns and priorities of Canadians and other stakeholders. The projects were selected by way of a call for proposals launched in August 2017. Submitted proposals were evaluated by a selection committee composed of OPC representatives and external examiners. In total, a sum of $58,000 was granted to Option consommateurs over two years, and $27,000 to the Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto.

Option consommateurs is a not-for-profit organization devoted to advocating and promoting the rights and interests of consumers. The Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto gives a voice to Toronto’s Francophonie to promote its cultural richness and support its social and economic development.

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