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Privacy topics

In today’s society, personal information is collected and used extensively, by individuals and organizations, for a variety of reasons. Advances in technology have a particularly significant impact on the ease with which personal information can be collected, used, shared and combined, introducing new challenges for the protection of personal information.

Explore the topics on this page to learn about privacy issues and find a wide variety of useful information for individuals, businesses and federal institutions.

Access to personal information

Learn about individuals’ rights and organizations’ obligations with respect to accessing personal information.

Advertising and marketing

Find information about behavioural/targeted advertising, cookies and spam.

Collecting personal information

Find information about requirements and best practices for collecting personal information in accordance with PIPEDA, including information about consent and identification and authentication.

Health, genetic and other body information

Learn more about privacy issues related to health, and genetic information, as well as other information about the body.

Identity and privacy

Access information, advice and guidance related to the protection and use of identity documents, identification and authentication processes, and identity theft.

Landlords and tenants

Find information about tenants’ privacy rights and landlords’ privacy obligations under PIPEDA.


Find guidance for businesses and federal institutions with respect to outsourcing and privacy.

Personal information transferred across borders

Access guidance for organizations and information for individuals about privacy issues related to cross-border transfers of personal information.

Privacy and kids

Find links to information, guidance, research and education resources related to kids and privacy.

Privacy at work

Find information about privacy issues that may arise in the workplace, as well as advice for employees and employers about respecting and protecting privacy.

Privacy breaches

Learn more about privacy breaches and how organizations should respond if they experience a breach.

Privacy Impact Assessments

Access tips and guidance for federal government institutions conducting privacy impact assessments.

Privacy laws in Canada

Learn about the various laws in Canada that protect privacy, as well as the OPC’s role in overseeing PIPEDA and the Privacy Act.

Privacy policies

Find information for individuals and organizations about privacy policies.

Public safety and law enforcement

Learn about some of the privacy issues that arise in the context of public safety and law enforcement, and find information on how federal privacy laws apply.

Safeguarding personal information

Access information, tools and guidance for businesses on how to fulfil their responsibilities to ensure personal information is safeguarded.

Surveillance and monitoring

Learn about the privacy issues and challenges associated with surveillance and monitoring activities, and find guidance for organizations on video surveillance.

Technology and privacy

Access information, advice and guidance for individuals on online privacy and digital devices, as well as guidance for businesses on mobile devices in the workplace and app development.

Your privacy rights

Find information for individuals about how Canada’s two federal privacy laws protect the right to privacy.

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