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Privacy Act compliance help

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) is responsible for preparing policy instruments concerning the operation of the Privacy Act and its regulations. This includes issuing directives and guidelines related to the Privacy Act.

However, as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Act, it has also developed some information and guidance to help federal institutions better understand their obligations and the OPC’s expectations, and improve their personal information handling practices.

Privacy Impact Assessments

Access tips and guidance for federal government institutions conducting privacy impact assessments.

Video surveillance of public places

Guidelines, demonstrable need, policies

The Privacy Act and public interest disclosures

Disclosures without consent, public interest, Section 8(2)(m), notify OPC

A Matter of Trust: Integrating Privacy and Public Safety in the 21st Century

Personal information, reasonable expectations, program development, oversight

Electronic Disclosure of Personal Information in the Decisions of Administrative Tribunals

Find guidelines for administrative tribunals contemplating the publication of their decisions online.

Guidance for government departments on deemed denials under the Privacy Act

Exceptions to access rights, timeliness, complaints

Personal Information Retention and Disposal: Principles and Best Practices

Find guidance for organizations developing and implementing retention and disposal practices for personal information.

Privacy Act investigation process

Process, obligations, timing

Outsourcing for federal institutions

Find information and links related to outsourcing the processing of data and the Privacy Act.

Tips for Federal Institutions Using Portable Storage Devices

Find information to help organizations reduce the risks associated with using portable storage devices to store personal information.

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