Privacy illustrations

Here at the OPC we take privacy seriously, but sometimes a little humour can be a very effective way to drive the point home.


Image Long Descriptions

Image 1: "I can assure you that our concern for protecting personal information is very deep-seated!"

Image 2: "Is my dad ever going to laugh when he sees himself on Youtube!"

Image 3: "Every time i go on-line and say i really like to rock, i get a pop-up ad for this chair!"

Image 4: "I think the employees are on to our hidden cameras"

Image 5: "We really didn't have to strip search you...we just needed a laugh!"

Image 6: "Of course i value my privacy...that's why i only share my personal information with 700 of my closest friends!"

Image 7: "Everything looks in, if you'll just fill out a little personal information!"

Image 8: "Personal Information Vault. Facebook guy: How's this? Privacy Commissioner: Much better!"

Image 9: "Do you mind looking over my shoulder?"

Image 10: "Don't worry, everything in your medical file is strictly confidential!"

Image 11: "At least we can have lunch without the boss looking over our shoulders!"

Image 12: "Well, it sure doesn't look like an air freshener to me!"

Image 13: "What makes you think i'm being targeted?"

Image 14: "It's just a little test we give to all our job applicants. There's a pencil, some paper and that little cup is for a urine sample!"

Image 15: "The boss gave me flowers for my birthday...Isn't that thoughtful?"

Image 16: "It's been completely reconditioned...and for an extra fifty bucks i'll put back all the juicy stuff i found on this guy's hard drive!"

Image 17: "I know that you're worried about losing your personal identification, dear, but surely there are better ways of protecting it!"

Image 18: "Hello, is this the doctor's office?... Thank you for sending me all that information, but my name isn't Amber and i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant!"

Image 19: "Well, the room is nice, but that big pigeon is really starting to bother me!"

Image 20: "Did you see some boxes of confidential personal information? I left them on the floor right beside my desk!"

Image 21: "I'm not accusing you of stealing this credit card, uhh, ma'am...i was just wondering if you had any other identification!"

Image 22: "I finally found my own identity...and somebody stole it!"

Image 23: "I'm afraid it's just not that simple to get out of a social network, dear!"

Image 24: "I need you to explain this to me in twenty words or less!"

Image 25: "More pop-up ads cat food! You've been on my computer again, haven't you?"

Image 26: "Privacy policy"

Image 27: "I think you'll find our safeguards for protecting your personal information more than adequate!"

Image 28: "I remember when i wanted to get in shape to look good on vacation...Now i do it to look good on airport naked body scans!"

Image 29: "No, i won't forget to wash my hands, now stop tracking me, mother!"

Image 30: "Ooh, check that cute guy! Forget it...He can't hold down a job, lives with his mother and collects salt and pepper shakers in the shape of farm animals!"

Image31: "I'm sorry you're worreid about losing our personal information, ma'am, but I fix leaky taps, not leaky apps!"

Image 32: "Uhh, sorry, i would love to tell you, but we have respect...umm...Privacy Law!"

Image 33: "And exactly why do you need my social insurance number just to sell me a hot dog?"

Image 34: "This looks like a great idea, Mike! did you remember to do PIA? PIA?! Personal Income Accounting?! Public Input Arrangement?! Private Investigation Agency?! Pretty Interesting Anecdote?!"

Image 35: "If only i could get frequent flyer miles for the travels of my personal information!"

Image 36: "I suppose it would have been easier to build it in at the beginning!"

Image 37: "I told you someone was phishing and not to open that attachment!"

Image 38: "Talk about a coincidence...someone with the same name as you, who looks just like you, called his boss a big fat, pea-brained moron on Facebook!"

Image 39: "And now, for my next trick, i will guess your name, address, date of birth, bank account balance and where you have that special tattoo!"

Image 40: "I know so much about her from her social networking site that I can't think of a thing to ask her!...I know so much about him from his social networking site that I can't think of a thing to ask him!"

Image 41: "This is our new chief privacy officer... he takes his job rather seriously!"

Image 42: "Actually, we're interested in genomes, not gnomes!"

Image 43: "5,000 points on your rewards card....that's enough to get you something for that athlete's foot!"

Image 44: "Offhand, I'd say we have an accountability problem."

Image 45: "Ha! My new boyfriend is loaded! Looks like he's picking up the tab next time!"

Image 46: "I have identified the source of our privacy breach and dealt with it, Sir!"

Image 47: "Good morning, SWEETBUNS96...Sorry, Sir, didn't mean to call you by your online handle!"

Image 48: "I'm live-streaming this - can you speak directly into my techno-tie?"

Image 49: "I'm glad you took our privacy training session to heart, Bob, but there's really no need for the outfit!"

Image50: "Why on earth are we suddenly getting pop-up ads for wedding rings and floral arrangements?"

Image 51: "I'd like to hire you, but according to your surfing habits, you're a dog person and we're all cat people here!"

Image 52: "Ignore's just my dad's drone keeping an eye on us!"

Image 53: "There's a lot of sensitive personal information on this flash drive so handle it with care!"

Image 54: " I can assure you that our concern for protecting personal information is very deep-seated!"

Image 55: "How would you like to pay for your purchase today - cash, credit, or personal information?"

Image 56: "Spam."

Image 57: "Before I download your app, my lawyer here would like to ask you a few questions!"

Image 58: "That's not quite what I meant when I told you to wipe those computers clean!"

Image 59: "A cartoon showing a person who is surprised to see four surveillance cameras sprouting from the back of the computer that he is using."

Image 60: "Enter passcode."

Image 61: "His diet's ok, but he hasn't been to the gym since January..."

Image 62: "Illustration depicts an individual using a computer and generating a data trail that is being held by a character representing the globe. It illustrates the idea that individuals using online devices can create data trails that can travel around the world."

Image 63: "Consent. Yes. No."

Image 64: "Confidential."

Image 65: "Illustration depicts a variety of ways that information from our body is collected and tracked by devices we use in our daily lives, for example fitness trackers and mobile devices."

Image 66: "They say an elephant never forgets! Neither does the internet!"

Image 67: "Sorry, we'll have to take a brief recess... I'm having trouble reading—let alone understanding—this privacy policy!"

Image 68: "Hey, John your mom tweeted your raise again! From 83 to 85K/year. #SOPROUD #GOJOHN"

Image 69: "Ok, that takes care of all the locally stored customer info, but what about all the stuff in the cloud?"

Image 70: "No ice cream until you walk five more kilometres!"

Image 71: "I'll need to photocopy your driver's license."

Image 72: "Sorry, I'm a little short on my rent this month! And yet our surveillance camera saw you carrying in a big screen TV yesterday!"

Image 73: "I don't know why I spend so much money on toys when little Amelia just plays with that one!"

Image 74: "Why so glum? Maybe because you bought that tie from us in the mid-90's? Why not cheer yourself up with a new tie during our big tie sale?"

Image 75: "Is everything connected to the internet? Just about, eh, toaster? Except the cofeemaker... he needs an upgrade!"

Image 76: "AHH! Who are you?! The ghost of your internet past!"

Image 77: "I feel like I know you so well... I just watched your live birth on your mom's facebook page!"