Privacy Illustrations

Here at the OPC we take privacy seriously, but sometimes a little humour can be a very effective way to drive the point home.

I can assure you that our concern for protecting personal information is very deep-seated!

OPC's privacy illustrations

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That will be $28.75...Now if you can just get your postal code, phone number and a small blood sample... Is my dad ever going to laugh when he sees himself on Youtube! Every time i go on-line and say i really like to rock, i get a pop-up ad for this chair! I think the employees are on to our hidden cameras We really didn't have to strip search you...we just needed a laugh! Of course i value my privacy...that's why i only share my personal information with 700 of my closest friends! Everything looks in, if you'll just fill out a little personal information! How's this? Much better! Do you mind looking over my shoulder? Don't worry, everything in your medical file is strickly confidential! At least we can have lunch without the boss looking over our shoulders! Well, it sure doesn't look like an air freshener to me! What makes you think i'm being targeted? It's just a little test we give to all our job applicants. There's a pencil, some paper and that little cup is for a urine sample! The boss gave me flowers for my birthday...Isn't that thoughtful? It's been completely reconditioned...and for an extra fifty bucks i'll put back all the juicy stuff i found on this guy's hard drive! I know that you're worried about losing your personal identification, dear, but surely there are better ways of protecting it! Hello, is this the doctor's office?... Thank you for sending me all that information, but my name isn't Amber and i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant! Well, the room is nice, but that big pigeon is really starting to bother me! Did you see some boxes of confidential personal information? I left them on the floor right beside my desk! I'm not accusing you of stealing this credit card, uhh, ma'am...i was just wondering if you had any other identification! I finally found my own identity...and somebody stole it! I'm afraid it's just not that simple to get out of a social network, dear! I need you to explain this to me in twenty words or less! More pop-up ads cat food! You've been on my computer again, haven't you? Privacy policy I think you'll find our safeguards for protecting your personal information more than adequate! I remember when i wanted to get in shape to look good on vacation...Now i do it to look good on airport naked body scans! No, i won't forget to wash my hands, now stop tracking me, mother! Ooh, check that cute guy!Ooh, check that cute guy! I'm sorry you're worried about losing your personal information, ma'am, but i fix leaky taps, not leaky apps! Uhh, sorry, i would love to tell you, but we have respect...umm...Privacy Law! And exactly why do you need my social insurance number just to sell me a hot dog? This looks like a great idea, Mike! did you remember to do PIA? If only i could get frequent flyer miles for the travels of my personal information! I suppose it would have been easier to build it in at the beginning! I told you someone was phishing and not to open that attachment! Talk about a coincidence...someone with the same name as you, who looks just like you, called his boss a big fat, pea-brained moron on Facebook! And now, for my next trick, i will guess your name, address, date of birth, bank account balance and where you have that special tattoo! I know so much about her from her social networking site that I can't think of a thing to ask her!...I know so much about him from his social networking site that I can't think of a thing to ask him! This is our new chief privacy officer... he takes his job rather seriously! Actually, we're interested in genomes, not gnomes! 5,000 points on your rewards card....that's enough to get you something for that athlete's foot! Offhand, I'd say we have an accountability problem Ha! My new boyfriend is loaded! Looks like he's picking up the tab next time! I have identified the source of our privacy breach and dealt with it, sir! Good morning, sweetbuns96....sorry, sir, didn't mean to call you by your online handle! I'm live-streaming this - can you speak directly into my techno-tie? I'm glad you took our privacy training session to heart, Bob, but there's really no need for the outfit! Why on earth are we suddenly getting pop-up ads for wedding rings and floral arrangements? I'd like to hire you, but according to your surfing habits, you're a dog person and we're all cat people here! Ignore's just my dad's drone keeping an eye on us! There's a lot of sensitive personal information on this flash drive so handle it with care! I can assure you that our concern for protecting personal information is very deep-seated!