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Completed Contributions Program projects

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s (OPC) Contributions Program funds independent research and related knowledge translation projects to generate approaches and information about privacy in Canada. These projects not only advance the collective knowledge on privacy, they provide real, tangible research results that Canadians can use to make smart decisions about privacy protection in their own lives and that businesses and federal institutions can apply in practice to enhance compliance with their privacy obligations.

Start here to begin exploring the innovative and socially relevant independent research the OPC has supported through its Contributions Program. You can also view a list of the funded projects underway for the current cycle.

Research project

Securing Privacy: Examining the Tension Between Push and Pull of Cybersecurity Adoption

Organization: University of Guelph
Project Leader: Davar Rezania and Yang Hoong

Research project

A Pan-Canadian Descriptive Study of Privacy Risks from Synthetic Data-Generation Practices within the Evolving Canadian Legislative Landscape

Organization: Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute
Project Leader: Khaled El Emam

Research project

Understanding and protecting your online privacy

Organization: Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario (AJEFO)
Project Leader: Edith Pérusse McCallum

Research project

Privacy Design Landscape for Central Bank Digital Currency

Organization: Concordia University
Project Leader: Jeremy Clark

Research project

Deeper Learning? Marketing, Personal Data and Privacy after Surveillance Capitalism

Organization: Queen’s University
Project Leaders: David Murakami Wood and Stephen Thomas

Research project

Online exam proctoring software during the pandemic: The quest to minimize student privacy risks

Organization: University of Ottawa
Project Leader: Céline Castets-Renard

Research project

#ForYou: A Game about Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

Organization: MediaSmarts
Project Leader: Kathryn Ann Hill

Research project

Commercial Virtual Healthcare Services in Canada: Digital Trails, De-identified Data and Privacy Implications

Organization: Women’s College Hospital
Project Leader: Sheryl Spithoff

Research project

Privacy for Wellness Wearables: Emerging Trends and Power Dynamics in a Grey Area

Organization: Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group)
Project Leader: Tania Donovska

Research project

Privacy Report Card for Online Solutions Targeting Seniors

Organization: Concordia University
Project Leaders: Mohammad Mannan and Amr Youssef

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