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Completed Contributions Program projects

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s (OPC) Contributions Program funds independent research and related knowledge translation projects to generate approaches and information about privacy in Canada. These projects not only advance the collective knowledge on privacy, they provide real, tangible research results that Canadians can use to make smart decisions about privacy protection in their own lives and that businesses and federal institutions can apply in practice to enhance compliance with their privacy obligations.

Start here to begin exploring the innovative and socially relevant independent research the OPC has supported through its Contributions Program. You can also view a list of the funded projects underway for the current cycle.

Research project

Guide to digital identity security in a cloud-based organizational transformation context

Organization: Université de Sherbrooke
Project Leader: Pierre-Martin Tardif

Research project

Thinking about the right to privacy through the lens of individual and collective rights

Organization:Université Laval
Project Leaders: Jocelyn Maclure and Sylvain Auclair

Research project

ALTER ALGO: Are algorithms really our digital alter egos?

Organization: Internet Society - Québec (ISOC Québec)
Project Leader: Destiny Tchéhouali

Research project

Practices for generating non-identifiable data

Organization: Canadian Anonymization Network (CANON)
Project Leader: Khaled El Emam

Research project

Privacy and ethics: Understanding the convergences and tensions for the responsible development of machine learning

Organization: Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Project Leader: Sébastien Gambs

Research project
Research project

Privacy and artificial intelligence: Protecting health information in a new era

Organization: University of Alberta
Project Leader: Timothy Caulfield

Research project

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and privacy: From threats to solutions

Organization: Ontario Tech University (a.k.a. University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
Project Leaders: Khalil El-Khatib (Principal Investigator) and Rajen Akalu (Co-Principal Investigator)

Research project

Children’s privacy in the age of artificial intelligence

Organization: Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group)
Project Leader: Nicki Islic

Research project

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