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PIPEDA Fair Information Principle 4 – Limiting Collection

Reviewed: August 2020

Your responsibilities

  • Collect only the personal information your organization needs to fulfill a legitimate identified purpose.
  • Be honest about the reasons you are collecting personal information.
  • Collect personal information by fair and lawful means. This requirement is intended to prevent organizations from collecting information by misleading or deceiving about the purpose.

How to fulfill these responsibilities

  • Identify the kind of personal information you collect in your information-handling policies and practices.
  • Limit the amount and type of information you collect to what is needed for the identified purposes.
  • Ensure your staff can explain why your organization needs this information.


  • By reducing the amount of information gathered, you can lower the cost of collecting, storing, retaining and ultimately archiving or disposing of data.
  • Collecting less information also reduces the risk and/or impact of loss or inappropriate access, use or disclosure.
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