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What is PIPEDA and does it apply to my business?

July 2019

A short video explains what PIPEDA is and whether it applies to your business. This video complements our PIPEDA in Brief webpage.

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What is PIPEDA and does it apply to my business?

Narrator: PIPEDA is a federal law that sets out the rules for how businesses can collect, use and disclose personal information in the course of commercial activities.

[On screen, in the background, there is a photo of a man fixing a bicycle in a shop setting. An image of the Canadian flag appears on top of this photo. Then the image changes to a picture of a small business and icons representing people move across the screen into the business.]

Text appears on screen: What organizations are subject to PIPEDA?

Narrator: PIPEDA applies to most businesses across Canada except in Quebec, B.C. and Alberta, which have private sector privacy laws that are substantially similar to PIPEDA.

[A map of Canada appears on the screen and Quebec, BC and Alberta are highlighted as the narrator says the words]

Narrator: But even in those provinces, PIPEDA covers businesses that operate in federally regulated industries—such as transportation, telecommunications and banking.

[A truck, a telecommunications tower and a bank appear in front of the map of Canada as the narrator speaks the examples of federally regulated industries.]

Narrator: Across Canada, PIPEDA also applies to personal information that crosses any provincial and national borders, regardless of which province or territory they’re based in.

[The truck, tower and bank disappear and an icon of a person appears in front of the map of Canada and arrows move out in the eastern, western and southern directions.]

Text on screen changes to say: Does PIPEDA apply to your business? There’s a good chance it does.

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